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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Words Just Can’t Describe This Experience

She was everything I thought she would be—beautiful, intelligent, strong, and

Her name is Seymour, she is a bottlenose dolphin. She was 5 months pregnant when I met her, along with another dolphin’s 7-month old baby dolphin in training (Baby doesn’t have a name yet, so I just called her Baby). She must’ve been the prettiest creature I get to observe up close in person (sorry Koalas, you’re super cute too). I had the chance to swim with Seymour and Baby, play with them, k

iss them, and observe their body structures including teeth, tongues, blowholes, and etc.

It still feels like a dream! And I smile every time I think of Seymour. I hope someday I’ll get to repeat this AWESOME adventure :)

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