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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Please Excuse the Interruption

We recently established our own little walking club called SPWC to get us out of the house once in a while and help us work off all the cookies we eat :) This Friday out meeting was cut a bit short. The weekend was calling and we got distracted by food! Of course!

We made a spontaneous trip to 85oC Bakery for amazing fresh bread and pastries. This chain originated in Taiwan and has a few locations in SoCal. It is almost always packed but is worth waiting for! I wanted to post pictures of our treats, but they didn't last long enough so we must go again to show you.

After dessert we had dinner at a Mongolian hot pot restaurant. We may have gotten a little carried away and ordered too much food but it is hard not to with all the fresh veggie and meat options.

We didn't get much walking done at this meeting but we certainly had a wonderful and random adventure!


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